How do I take out a total care package?
Contact our sales team and we will generate a specific quotation based upon your requirements.
How many services will I get a year?
We will service your equipment, assuming standard working patterns of 1000 hours, equalling one major service per year.
Do you issue any certificates with the service?
We issue an annual L.E.V. Certificate and a conformity certificate.
When do I pay for the contract?
We invoice on commencement of the total Care Contract either annually or quarterly.
Do you service and repair any make of booth?
Yes, our engineers are qualified and experienced in all types and manufacture of booth
Why should I get my booth serviced?
It’s important to have your booth serviced by qualified engineers to ensure your booth is operating reliably, safely and conforms to the current legislations. An efficient booth will also reduce your operating costs and by servicing your booth we will be able to advise you on any improvements that can be made.
What is involved in a service?
In general terms, a full service will involve the changing of input and extract filters, cleaning filter chests, checking extract fans and scrolls for contamination and cleaning and checking the burner. If due we can also carry out LEV testing, clearance testing and breathing air tests.
What should I do if my booth stops working?
Call us, we can normally provide technical support over the phone. If we can’t resolve the fault this way we can discuss next steps.
Can you do one off services or breakdowns?
We are only too pleased to be able to offer our services to customers without a contract. Please call our sales team for further details.